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Ceramics in America 2003
Robert Hunter, ed.

Chipstone Foundation


“Our Home in the West”: Staffordshire Potters and Their Emigration to America in the 1840s - Miranda Goodby
Highlights in the Development of the Rockingham and Yellow Ware Industry in the United States--A Brief Review with Representative Examples - Arthur F. Goldberg
In the Philadelphia Style: The Pottery of Henry Piercy - Barbara H. Magid and Bernard K. Means
Swirls and Whirls: English Agateware Technology - Michelle Erickson and Robert Hunter
The Talbot Hotel Pit Group - Peter Williams
Through the Lookinge Glasse: or, the Chamber Pot as a Mirror of Its Time - Ivor Noël Hume
Taken for Granite: Terracotta Gravemarkers from New Jersey and New York - Richard Veit and Mark Nonestied
Meditations on a Chinese Musician - Graham Hood
“Informed Conjecture”: Collecting Long Island Redware - Anthony W. Butera, Jr.

A Coxon Waster Deposit of the Mid-1860s, Sampled in Trenton, New Jersey - William B. Liebeknecht, Rebecca White, and Richard W. Hunter
Excavations on the Site of the Lewis Pottery Complex, Buckley, North Wales, United Kingdom - Leigh J. Dodd
A Maryland Grouping of Bow and Derby Figures of the 1760s - Stephen E. Patrick
Samuel Malkin in Philadelphia: A Remarkable Slipware Assemblage - David G. Orr
The Two Faces of Anthony Baecher - Christopher T. Espenshade
The Richards Face - Shades of An Eighteenth-Century American Bellarmine - William B. Liebeknecht and Richard W. Hunter
The Prodigal Son Returns to Jamestown - Beverly A. Straube
Backcountry Sophistication: Anthropomorphic Elements from a Piedmont North Carolina Kiln - Alain C. Outlaw
Toy Story - L. Madison Washburn
Molded Malevolence: Instrumental Symbolism Rendered in Clay
Christopher C. Fennell
Making His MARK - Mark M. Newell

An Illustrated Guide to Minton Printed Pottery, 1796-1836, Geoffrey H. Priestman - Robert Copeland
• The Potter's Art,
Henry Glassie - Ellen Denker
• China and Glass in America, 1880-1980: From Tabletop to TV Tray,
Charles L. Venable, Ellen P. Denker, Katherine C. Grier, and Stephen G. Harrison - Amy C. Earls
• Delftware at Historic Deerfield, 1600-1800,
Amanda E. Lange - Louise P. Richardson
• Rookwood and the Industry of Art: Women, Culture, and Commerce, 1880-1913,
Nancy E. Owen - Cynthia Brandimarte
• Porcelain from the “Vung Tau” Wreck: The Hallstrom Excavation,
Christiaan J. A. Jörg and Michael Flecker - Linda R. Shulsky

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