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Ceramics in America 2005
Robert Hunter, ed.

Chipstone Foundation


• A Pot of Butter For The Victims - George H. Lukacs
Maine’s Early-Nineteenth-Century Barrell-Wood Family Jugs and the Remarkable Woman Who Made Them Great - S. Robert Teitelman
• John Bacon: Prince of Stoneware Potters? -
Ivor Noël Hume
The Destruction of the Benjamin DuVal Stoneware Manufactory, Richmond, Virginia - Robert Hunter and Marshall Goodman
• Rockett’s Red Glare: J.P. Schermerhorn and the Early Richmond Stoneware Industry -
Kurt C. Russ and W. Sterling Schermerhorn
Distinguishing Marks and Flowering Designs: Baltimore’s Utilitarian Stoneware Industry - John E. Kille
Rediscovering the New Brunswick Stoneware Pottery, ca. 1862–1902 - Richard Veit and Judson M. Kratzer
• The Mansion Pottery -
Barbara J. Gundy and Deborah Casselberry
J. Palin Thorely (1892–1987), Potter and Designer: Part I - John Austin

• The Great Wall of Terra Cotta: A Surprising Ceramic Discovery in South Amboy, New Jersey -
Mark Nonestied and Richard Veit
Playful Potting: A Miniature Tin-Glazed Earthenware Chair - Sarah Neale Fayen
Trifles from a Boston Collection - Donna Corbin
This Little Piggy Went to Virginia - Beverly A. Straube
What is “What” in St. Mary’s City? - Silas Hurry
Sugar Refining Pottery from Alexandria and Baltimore - Barbara H. Magid
Otto Karle: A Previously Unknown Shenandoah Valley Potter - Scott Hamilton Suter
The Stoneware Kiln of Charles F. Decker in Washington County, Virginia - William Hoffman
Bell Family Presentation Jar - John E. Kille
• Hare Pottery Research -
Charles Fithian, Claudia Leister, James Stewart, and Chris Espenshade
The Diorama Transport Views - Roger Pomfret
1830s Painted Wares from a New Orleans Importer - Amy C. Earls and George L. Miller
• The John Dortch Site: Anglo Elegance on the Spanish Louisiana Frontier -
Sara A. Hahn

Business Structure, Business Culture, and The Industrial District: The Potteries, c. 1850–1914, Andrew Popp - Regina Blaszcszyk
“‘Fancy Rockingham’ Pottery: The Modeller and Ceramics in Nineteenth-Century America,” Diana Stradling, curator; and “Stoneware Pottery of Eastern Virginia, 1720–1865,” Robert Hunter, Kurt C. Russ, and Marshall Goodman, curators - Amy C. Earls
• A Fragile Union: The Story of Louise Herreshoff -
James W. Whitehead
Rockingham Ware in American Culture, 1830–1930, Jane Perkins Claney - William C. Gates, Jr.
• Bernard Leach: Life and Work,
Emmanuel Cooper - Garth Clark
• “A Great Deal of Stone & Earthen Ware”: The Rockingham County, Virginia School of Folk Pottery,
Jeffrey S. Evans and Scott Hamilton Suter - Kurt C. Russ
• Twentieth Century Ceramics,
Edmund de Waal - Tanya Harrod
• Gifts from the Celestial Kingdom: A Shipwrecked Cargo for Gold Rush California,
Thomas N. Layton - Amy C. Earls
• The Bedford Street Warehouse and the London China Trade, 1773–1796 California,
Andrew P. Ledger - Anton Gabsczewicz
• North Carolina Pottery: The Collection of the Mint Museums,
Barbara Stone Perry, ed. - Stephen C. Compton

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