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Ceramics in America 2006
Robert Hunter, ed.

Chipstone Foundation


• Commemorative Wares in George Washington’s Hometown - Barbara H. Magid
Fragile Lessons: Ceramic and Porcelain Representations of Uncle Tom’s Cabin - Jill Weitzman Fenichell
Beneath His Magic Touch: The Dated Vessels of the Enslaved African American Potter, Dave - Arthur F. Goldberg and James P. Witkowski
Fluid Vessel: Journey of the Jug - John A. Burrison
• Making Faces: Archaeological Evidence of African-American Face Jug Production -
Mark M. Newell with Peter Lenzo
• Ceramics at Hampton, Baltimore County, Maryland -
Diana Edwards and Lynne Dakin Hastings
J. Palin Thorely (1892–1987), Potter and Designer: Part II, Williamsburg - John C. Austin
Neither “Landskip” nor “Scripture”: Collecting Dutch Maritime Tiles - Ivor Noël Hume
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