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Ceramics in America 2007
Robert Hunter, ed.

Chipstone Foundation


• Dedication – Luke Beckerdite
• Introduction – Robert Hunter
• Bonnin and Morris of Philadelphia: The First American Porcelain Factory, 1770-1772 – Graham Hood (1972)
• Piecing Together the Past: Recent Research on the American China Manufactory, 1769-1772 – Michael K. Brown (1989)
• The American Arcanum: Porcelain and the Alchemical Tradition – Glenn Adamson
• A New Classification Scheme for Eighteenth-Century American British Soft-Paste Porcelains – J. Victor Owen
• Making a Bonnin and Morris Pickle Stand – Michelle Erickson and Robert Hunter
• English Porcelain in America: Evidence from Williamsburg – Roderick Jellicoe with Robert Hunter
• A Bonnin and Morris Waste Bowl – Robert Hunter and Jeffrey Ray
• Bonnin and Morris Revisited – Diana Stradling and J. Garrison Stradling
• John Bartlam: America's First Porcelain Manufacturer – Robert Hunter
• John Bartlam's Porcelain at Cain Hay, 1765-1770 – Stanley South
• John Bartlam's Porcelain at Cain Hoy: A Closer Look – Lisa R. Hudgins
• Geochemistry of High-Fired Bartlam Ceramics – J. Victor Owen
• Catalogue Raisonné of Bonnin and Morris Porcelain – Alexandra Alevizatos Kirtley
• Checklist of Articles and Books on Eighteenth-Century Porcelain in America – Amy C. Earls
• Index

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