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Ceramics in America 2008
Robert Hunter, ed.

Chipstone Foundation


• Introduction – Robert Hunter
• The Eighteenth-Century New Jersey Stoneware Potteries of Captain James Morgan and the Kemple Family – Arthur F. Goldberg, Peter Warwick, and Leslie Warwick
• New York City Stonewares from the African Burial Ground – Meta F. Janowitz
• War and Pots: The Impact of Economics and Politics on Ceramics Consumption Patterns – George L. Miller and Amy C. Earls
• Comparative Studies in Anglo-American Ceramic Demand – Neil Ewins
• Robert H. Miller, Importer: Alexandria and St. Louis – Barbara H. Magid
• Ceramics from the "Blue China" Wreck – Hawk Tolson, Ellen Gerth, and Neil Cunningham Dobson
• A Monroe Punch Bowl and the American Lithographers in Paris, 1814-1824 – Sumpter Priddy III and Joan Quinn
• It's Quarter to Twelve…and Way Too Late – Richard Prowse
• A Long Way to Lug a Jug – Ivor Noël Hume
• "A Magnificent Failure": Ceramic Souvenirs of the 1907 Jamstown Tercentennial Exposition – Sam Margolin
• Fit for a Queen – Ivor Noël Hume
• Introduction – Merry Abbitt Outlaw
• A Roman Oil Lamp Illuminates Seventeenth-Century Jamestown – Beverly A. Straube
• An Unusual Red Earthenware
Capuchine from London – Jacqueline Pearce
• Off the Shelf–a Footnote for English Delftware – Troy D. Chappell
• Three Incised Mid-Eighteenth-Century Vessels from Philadelphia – Mara Kaktins and David G. Orr
• Indian at Stenton: A Trail Left in Slip on a Redware Bowl – Laura C. Keim and David G. Orr
• A Sighting of the New Jersey Devil on a Stoneware Jug – Peter Warwick and Leslie Warwick
• An Early Long Island Pot – Christopher H. Pickerell
• Long Island Teapots? – Anthony W. Butera Jr., Robert S. Kissam, and Reginald H. Metcalf
• An Early Anna Pottery Pig Flask – Suzanne Findlen Hood
• The Smith/Fulper Stoneware Pottery Site in the Borough of Flemington, New Jersey – William B. Liebeknecht, Nadine Sergejeff, and Rebecca White
• The "Filtre Chamberland": A Late-Nineteenth-Century Water Filter – Glenn Farris
• Ligowsky's Red Clay "Mud Saucers" – William B. Liebeknecht
• A Step Back in Time: Don Carpentier and the Ceramic Workshops at Historic Eastfield Foundation – Merry Abbitt Outlaw
Harold Holdway, 20th Century Ceramic Designer, Harold Holdway and Ruth Holdway; review by Gordon Elliott
The Origin and Development of Bow Porcelain, 1730-1747, Including the Participation of the Royal Society, Andrew Duché, and the American Contribution, Pat Daniels; review by Anton Gabszewicz
Painted in Blue: Underglaze Blue Painted Earthenwares, 1775-1810, Lois Roberts; review by Robert Hunter
The Historical Archaeology of Pottery: Supply and Demand in the Lower Rhineland, AD 1400-1800; An Archaeological Study of Duisburg and Its Hinterland, David R. M. Gaimster; review by Taft Kiser
Pots and Potters in Tudor Hampshire, Jacqueline Pearce, with contributions by Anthony Grey and Peter Tipton and petrology report by Alan Vince; review by Beverly A. Straube
Mocha and Related Dipped Wares, 1770-1939, Jonathan Rickard; review by Lynne Sussman
Creamware and Pearlware Re-examined, Tom Walford and Roger Massey, eds.; review by George L. Miller
• Checklist of Resources – Amy C. Earls
• Index

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