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Ceramics in America 2009
Robert Hunter, ed.; Luke Beckerdite, ed.; Gavin Ashworth, Photo.

Chipstone Foundation


• Editorial Statement – Robert Hunter
• Preface – Jonathan Prown, Lee L. French, and Martha Parker
• Introduction – Robert Hunter
• Acknowledgments – Luke Beckerdite and Robert Hunter
• Eighteenth-Century Earthenware from North Carolina: The Moravian Tradition Reconsidered – Luke Beckerdite and Johanna Brown
• Staffordshire in America: The Wares of John Bartlam at Cain Hoy, 1765-1770 – Lisa Hudgins
• Staffordshire Ceramics in Wachovia – Robert Hunter
• Tradition and Adaptation in Moravian Press-Molded Earthenware – Johanna Brown
• Salem Pottery after 1834: Heinrich Schaffner and Daniel Krause – Michael O. Hartley
• The Mount Shepherd Pottery Site, Randolph County, North Carolina – Alain C. Outlaw
• Making a Moravian Faience Ring Bottle – Robert Hunter and Michelle Erickson
• Making a Moravian Squirrel Bottle – Michelle Erickson, Robert Hunter, and Caroline M. Hannah
• Selected References
• Index   

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