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Vikings of To-day
or Life and Medical Work among the Fishermen of Labrador
Wilfred Grenfell; Marianne Stenbaek, intro.

International Polar Institute


• Introduction – Marianne Stenbaek
• The Country
• Natural Features
• Of the Birds and Larger Fishes
• Of the Fur-Bearing Animals
• We go to Labrador and Start Work
• Do People Live in Labrador?
• Just How Fish are Caught
• The Truck System
• Results of the First Visit
• Our Second Season
• Our Voyage Continued
• Conclusion of Second Voyage
• A Team of Dogs in Harness
• On Seals and Sealers
• On the Esquimaux
• The Deeds of Heroes
• We Appeal for the Canadian Sympathy
• Spiritual Agencies in Labrador
• Testimony to the Work
• Poverty of the People
• The Fishing Schooners
• Preface from the 1895 edition

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:09 -0500