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American Furniture 2013
Luke Beckerdite, ed.

Chipstone Foundation


Editorial Statement, Luke Beckerdite
The Early Work of John Townsend in the Christopher Townsend Shop Traditon, Erik Gronning and Amy Coes
• New Insights on the Virginia Royal Governor’s Chair,
Leroy Graves
• Scientific Imaging Techniques and New Insights on the WH Cabinetmaker: A Southern Mystery Continues,
F. Carey Howlett and Kathy Z. Gillis
• The Missing Chapter in the Life of Thomas Day,
Patricia Dane Rogers and Laurel Crone Sneed
• “A Shadow of a Magnitude”: The Furniture of Thomas Cook and Richard Parkin
by Carswell Rush Berlin
• Philadelphia Furniture, and the Pennsylvania Germans: A Reevaluation
by Lisa Minardi
Mahogany: The Costs of Luxury in Early America, Jennifer L. Anderson; review by Allan Breed
• Stretch: America’s First Family of Clockmakers,
Donald L. Fennimore and Frank L. Hohmann III; review by Dennis Carr
The Art of Thomas Nisbet, Master Cabinetmaker, David Nasby; review by Laura Fecych Sprague
Texas Furniture: The Cabinetmakers and Their Work, 1840 - 1880, Vol. 2, Lonn Taylor and David B. Warren, with a foreword by Don Carleton; review by Gerald W.R. Ward

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