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Ladies & Gentlemen
Michael Robins

Saturnalia Books


• Sleep Is Not Unlike a Waiting Room
• What I Was Doing About War
• After Gordon Matta-Clark
• The Birds of Massachusetts Bay
• Somewhere I Have Heard This Before
• Between Us Now Bends the Mississipi
• All Our Pretty Songs
• A Terrific Descent Through Space
• Stuck in My Mouth Like a Bit
• Your Voice Is as Much a Kind of River
• Moments Went Missing Thanks to Whiskey
• I Wanted More Than I Could Steal
• Off the Shoulder of Orion
• Mended Sonnet
• Living Statues on Horseback
• His Passion Is Doves
• A Modern Production
• Ideas of Maryland
• Peaceful in the Loving Arms of Jesus
• Quietude Puts Me in the Doghouse
• We Are Standing Momentarily
• Bit by a Dog with a Rabid Tooth
• Anne Kepler Come Home
• When It Snows in Boston It Snows Everywhere
• Circus
• In the Manner of All Such Disasters
• Sculpture Looks Nothing of Louis Armstrong
• Legislator of the Year
• Anthem
• The Last Movie Made in Kansas
• In the Sweet Crime of a Waltz
• After Hugo the Jeweler
• In Kentucky Our Families Grieve
• Our Great Aunts & Uncles Are Photographs
• Answering the Roll Call
• Another Word that Rhymes with Shame
• A Small Piece of Land in the Woods

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