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Lullaby (with Exit Sign)
Hadara Bar-Nadav

Saturnalia Books


• Lullaby (with Exit Sign)
Compose an Evening Sky
• I Dreaded that First Robin, So
• I Don’t Like Paradise
• Split the Lark
• Prayer Is the Little Implement
• Family of Strangers
• the Angle of a Landscape
• Run Round and Round a Room
• Dust Is the Only Secret
• I Sing to Use the Waiting
• Infection in the Sentence Breeds
• Blind Fragment
• Donor (Wind)
• Upon the Slowest Night
• From Blank to Blank
• To Bear on Us Unshaded
• Let Us Chant It Softly
• The Afterlife of Dust
• What Care the Dead for Day
• The World Is Not Conclusion
• And Leaves the Shreds Behind
• Close Your Eyes to Catch a Ghost
• Lamb
• One Need Not Be a House
• Ruin Is Formal
• Darkness Intersects Her Face
• A Little Madness in the Spring
• Each Scar I’ll Keep for Him
• To Ache Is Human
• Suspension
• Lift the Flesh Door
• We Cover Thee- Sweet Face -
• The One Who Could Repeat a Summer Day
• How Soft This Prison Is
• Ample as the Eye
• Rabbit (Rapid)
• Palace
• I Would Have Starved a Gnat
• The Hour of Lead
• Grief Is a Mouse
• Before We Say Goodbye
• Death Is a Dialogue
• A Brittle Heaven
• The Draw My Little Letter Forth
• The Landscape Listens
• Master (Pieces)
• And with What Body Do They Come?
• I Read My Sentence
• The Lungs Are Stirless
• Notes

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