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Tales of Greenland’s Seal Hunters
Signe Rink, ed.; Torben Hutchings, trans.

International Polar Institute


• Preface by Signe Rink
• A Fishing Trip
by Kristoffer Nielsen
• Hunting Adventures
by Aparavigssuak
• A Dangerous Mail Journey Over the Ice
by Casper Nielsen
• My Pilot Trip with the Americans
by David Danielsen
• On Incidents where I Have Been Endangered
by Karl Olrik
• Accounts from Kagssimiut
by Peter Motzfeldt
• Adventures and Observations on Things I Have Experienced
by Petrus Lynge
• On the Sinking of Our Umiaq
by Ignatius
• What Happened One Time to the Seal Hunters at Kangamiut
by Jens Kreuzmann
• The Narration of a Holsteinborger on One of His Hunting Trips
by Jens Baggeson
• On the Danger that Amase's Son Joel was put in Around the Time He Started to Hunt with a Bladder
by Ungaralak
• On the Kivitut Question
by Hans Rasmussen
• A Bear Story
by J.H.

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