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The True Book of Animal Homes
Allison Titus

Saturnalia Books


• Office: Good Stuff Old Dominion Taxidermy
• Office: CPA Office Near Steakhouse and All-Brands Sew & Vac
• Office: Coastal Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
• Office: Warehouse of the Cut-Rate Manufacturer of Small Leather Goods
• Office: Department of the Lost and Found
• Office: Station of the Harnessmaker
• Office: In the Financial Services Headquarters
• Office: Building the Library of Water, Stykkish
ólmur, Iceland
• Office: Failing Consumer Electronics Corporation
• Office: Southside Unemployment Commission
• They are Taking the Animals out of the Offices
• II.
• The True Book of Animal Homes
• III.
• Essay on Urban Homesteading
• Essay on Economies of Scale
• Essay on the New Year
• Essay on Albuquerque
• Essay on an Independent Assessment of the Technical Feasibility of the Mars One Mission Plan
• Essay on the Body
• Essay on Vibrant Matter
• Oh Little Fox

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