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Cortney Lamar Charleston

Saturnalia Books


• How do You Raise a Black Child?
• Pool Party
• Blackness as a Compound of If Statements
• at Gunpoint
• Melanphobia: Fear of Black
• D.W.B.
• Facing the Music
• SuICIdE, iT'S a SuiCIDe
• Meditation on the Casual Use of Hands
• Meditation on Black Death Ending With an X-Ray
• Memorandum
• Spell Check Questions the Validity of Black Life
• Po-Po Postlude
• Ghazal on the Cusp of Rage
• Feeling Fucked Up
• In Case I Still
• Aviophobia: Fear of Flying
• Praise Song for the Black Body Ending in the Throat of a Swallow
• Charleston
• State of the Union
• Kids These Days
• Meditation on Wings and Meeting Gabriel in a Philadelphia Prison
• Tupac Shakur's Last Words
• Bibliophobia: Fear of Books
• The Hood
• BLK-on-BLK
• Making a Fist
• You're Only as Healthy as You Feel
• American Terrorism in Seven Acts
• Where Brooklyn A?
• Exhibitionism with a Drop of Blood
• White, as Told by Black
• Artfully dodging the Subliminal and Obvious
• The Melanin
• Miley Cyrus Presides Over the Funeral of the Twerk
• I'm Not a Racist
• How Did They Justify the Shooting?
• Telepathologies
• Ghazal for the Bathing Ape
• Six Shots on Ferguson, Missouri
• Mama Speaks of Profiling
• How Did Your Mother Die?
• Meditation on Sunday Traditions After the Video Leaks
• Gynophobia: Fear of Women
• Keeping JELL-O
• A Boogie Night, Age 12
• Ghazal of the Code
• The Barbershop
• Homophobia: Fear of Sameness
• I Think I Know One When I See One
• Working Definition of a Prefix: Trans-
• Autophobia: Fear of Self
• Katrina
• I Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Dust
• Hydrophobia: Fear of Water
• “. . . Everyday Something Has Tried to Kill Me and Has Failed
• The Melancholia
• Water Cooler Talk Ending With the Colors of an American Flag
• Unmaking a Fist
• How Do You Forgive?
• Ode to Black Love
• In Theory, We Are All Human
• Notes

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