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A Critical History of the New American Studies, 1970–1990
Günter H. Lenz; Reinhard Isensee, ed.; Klaus Milich, ed.; Donald E. Pease, ed.; John Carlos Rowe, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• Series Editor’s Preface by Donald E. Pease
• Introduction by John Carlos Rowe
• After Deconstruction: Reconstructing American Literary and Cultural Studies in the 1980s
• New Historicism, New American Exceptionalism, and New American Studies: Versions of a New Synthesis
• American Studies and Literary and Cultural Critique: The Question of Radical Traditions
[in the 1980s]
• American Cultural Critique: Toward a Politics of Postmodernism and Postcolonial Discourse [1970–1990]
• Postmodern Anthropology, Multicultural Critique, and American Culture Studies
• Cultural Hybridity and Diaspora in African American Literature and Criticism: Fictions of a Postmodern Multiculturalism
• Appendix: Publications of Professor Dr. Günter H. Lenz (1940–2012)
• Notes

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