Critical Hours
Search and Rescue in the White Mountains
Sandy Stott

University Press of New England


• Acknowledgments
• Abbreviations
• A Note on Names
• Introduction
• Where We Come From: Thinly Settled to Thickly Surrounded
• Finding Kate: Searchers’ Stories
• Seven Calls: Help Me Who’s Coming What Took You So Long?
• In the Beginning
• White Fingers Pointing toward the Wind: The Incident That Helped Shape Our Modern Mountains
• The Woods Are Whacked, and the Feds Arrive
• Getting into Dodge: Incidents from the Joe Dodge Era in the Whites
• The Gathering: Steep Enough to Slide, 1954
• It’s the Law: New Hampshire Fish and Game Assumes the Lead
• When the Angles and the Odds Rise: The Need for a Technical Team
• Answering the Call: One for Many—Albert Dow
• Colorful Chips: White Mountain SAR’s Modern Mosaic
• Women and Men in SAR
• Go-Go or No-Go: Up against Extremes
• The Other Side: The Case for Doing Nothing
• Command: A Meditation on Being in Charge of Rescue (and of Self)
• The Law Goes Up Too
• Call in the Suits: The Courtroom in the Hills
• Who Pays? (and What That Says)
• New Extremes: Superlative Adventure and Search and Rescue
• The Exception of Air
• Back to the Future? White Mountain SAR in 2020 and Beyond
• Next Gen
• What’s at Stake: How Search and Rescue Shapes Our Mountains
• Why Go? Saving Others, Saving Yourself
• Appendix A: The HikeSafe Program
• Appendix B: Pack Like a Rescuer
• Sources and Further Reading
• Index

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