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Hot Hands, Draft Hype, and DiMaggio's Streak
Debunking America's Favorite Sports Myths
Sheldon Hirsch

University Press of New England


• Introduction
• DiMaggio’s Hitting Streak Is Overrated
• More Ado about Zero
• It’s So Easy to Find a Goat
• Are Today’s Players Better Athletes Than Ever?
Media Misses
• Baseball’s Exaggerated Demise
• Too Much Tommy John in Baseball
• Causation versus Luck
Evaluating Baseball Statistics
• Reevaluating Players from a Modern Perspective
• Additional Modern Insights
• Modern Statistics: Different Perspectives
• The Future of Baseball Analytics
Answering Basketball’s Critics
Prodigies, AAU Ball, and “One and Done”
• College Coaches: Saints or Sinners?
• More Problems with the College Game?
• Problems with the NBA?
Myths and Misunderstandings
The Narrow Thinking about Wins and Losses
• LeBron James’s Odyssey
• More Media Hysteria: The Chris Paul Affair
• Danny Ferry Deserves Praise, Not Exile
• Do Hot Hands Exist?
• The Larger Issue behind Derrick Rose’s Alleged Softness
• Concussed Warriors Should Not Have Returned
• Wrong Conclusions from NBA Finals
• Kobe Got It Right (Twice)
The Best and the Brightest
Would Wilt Dominate Today?
• Will the Great Phil Jackson Succeed with the Knicks?
• Is Krzyzewski the Greatest College Coach Ever?
• Are Stephen Curry and the Warriors Really That Great?
• Ernie Vandeweghe Did the Impossible
• Almost the Best: The Agony of Near Victory
NFL Violence
Is Playing in the NFL Worth Dying For?
• Costas Misfires on NFL’s “Gun Problem”
NFL Rules and Misrules
Why Are NFL Coaches Scared of the Two-Point Conversion Attempt?
• The NFL Needs Seven-Point Touchdowns
• Why We Don’t Know What a Catch Is
NFL Stars (Unfortunately) in the Courtroom
The Real Problem Behind Adrian Peterson Smoking Pot
• Only Tom Brady Can Exonerate Himself
Heroes from Long Ago
Why Unitas Won and the Seahawks Lost
• Homer Jones Was Better Than Frank Gifford
The NFL’s Draft Impact Is Mostly Hype
• Tebow’s Failed Comeback
• Epilogue: Ali, the Myth and the Hero
• Acknowledgments
• Notes
• Selected Bibliography
• Index

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