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What Are the Arts and Sciences?
A Guide for the Curious
Dan Rockmore, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• Preface
• What Is African American Studies?—Derrick E. White
• What Is Anthropology?—Sienna R. Craig
• What Is Art History?—Ada Cohen
• What Is Astronomy?—Ryan Hickox
• What Is Biology?—Amy Gladfelter
• What Is Chemistry?—F. Jon Kull
• What Is Classics?—Roger B. Ulrich
• What Is Computer Science?—Thomas H. Cormen
• What Is Ecology?—Mark A. McPeek
• What Is Economics?—Christopher Snyder
• What Is Engineering?—Vicki V. May
• What Is English?—Thomas H. Luxon
• What Is French?—Andrea Tarnowski
• What Is Geography?—Richard Wright
• What Is Geology?—William B. Dade
• What Is History?—Robert Bonner
• What Is Linguistics?—James N. Stanford
• What Is Mathematics?—Dan Rockmore
• What Is Music?—Larry Polansky
• What Is Philosophy?—Adina L. Roskies
• What Is Physics?—Miles Blencowe
• What Is Political Science?—Russell Muirhead
• What Is Psychology?—Thalia Wheatley
• What Is Religion?—Susan Ackerman
• What Is Sociology?—Janice McCabe
• What Is Theater?—Daniel Kotlowitz
• What Is Women’s and Gender Studies?—Ivy Schweitzer
• Acknowledgments
• Notes
• For More Information
• Contributors

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