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Cancer Screening in the Developing World
Case Studies and Strategies from the Field
Madelon L. Finkel, PhD, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• Foreword—David Weller
• Global Burden of Disease: A Short Overview—Madelon L. Finkel
• The Benefits and Challenges of Population-based Screening in Low- and Middle-Income Countries—Madelon L. Finkel
• Challenges in Screening for Cervical Cancer: Sharing Experiences from India—Shobha S. Krishnan
• Educate, Screen, and Treat Program for Cervical Cancer in Rural Tamil Nadu, India—Biswajit Paul and Rita Isaac
• Delivering a Screen and Treat Program in Rural Malawi: The Nkhoma Story—Christine Campbell and Heather A. Cubie
• A National Cervical Cancer Screening Program in Haiti—Kaitlin McCurdy, Grace Tillyard, Joseph Bernard, and Vincent DeGennaro Jr.
• Case Study: Introducing PCR Testing for High-Risk HPV in Honduras—Linda S. Kennedy and Gregory J. Tsongalis
• Oral Cancer Screening in Low- and Middle-Income Countries—A. Ross Kerr, Shelly Arora, and Paul M. Speight
• Mobile Health for Cancer Care and Control in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Leveraging the Power of Mobile Technology to Improve Cancer Outcomes—Shreya Bhatt and Jay Evans
• The Case for the Integration of Palliative Care in Health Care Systems—Liz Grant
• Thoughts Going Forward—Madelon L. Finkel
• About the Contributors
• Index

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