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The Whale and His Captors; or, The Whaleman's Adventures
Henry T. Cheever; Robert D. Madison, ed.; Mark Bousquet, afterword

University Press of New England


• List of Illustrations
• Series Editor’s Preface
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• A Note on the Text
• Preface
• Introduction
• Coral Island of Rimatara
• Raising and Cutting-In Whales
• New Zealand Cruising Ground
• The Whale’s Physiology and Natural History
• Different Cruising Grounds and Northwest Whaling
• The Whale’s Biography and Incidents in the Capture
• Atlantic Ocean Mammoths and Monsters
• Episodes in the Fortunes of Whalemen
• Conquest and Disposal of a Bull Whale
• Authentic Tragedies and Perils of the Whaling Service
• Yarns from the Experience of Old Whalemen
• Peculiar Vocabulary and Hazards of Whalemen
• Remarkable Events in the Annals of Whaling
• Claims and Advantages of the Sabbath in a Whale Ship
• A Plea in Behalf of the Sabbath for Whalemen
• Nearing Home and Analogies from the Sea
• Knitting Up the Lessons of the Voyage at Its Close
• Notes
• 1853 Additions
• Note F, continued
• Appendix: Leaves from the Log of a Practiced Whaleman
• “The Vicious Appetite of a Sailor”: Review of
Typee in the New York Evangelist (1846)
• “The Captain’s Cruel Lance”: Specimen Passage from
The Christian Parlor Book (1849)
• “Contemplative Eye and Christian Heart”: Review of
The Whale and His Captors in the New York Evangelist (1849)
• “The Mystery of the Whale Ship”: Review of
The Whale and His Captors in the Literary World (1850)
• “Harper & Brothers’ Latest Publications”: Advertisement in
The Literary World (1850)
• “Almost Marvellous”: Scoresby’s Preface to
The Whaleman’s Adventures (1850)
• “Purely Accidental”: Scoresby’s Note on the
Essex (1850)
• “This Glorious Bird”: Excerpts from
The Island World of the Pacific (1851)
• “The Bold Polynesian Romance”: A Note from
Life in the Sandwich Islands (1851)
• “The Judgment Day Will Hold Him Liable”: Review of
Moby-Dick in the New York Independent (1851)
• Afterword: “The Cruel Harpoon” and the “Honorable Lamp”: The Awakening of an Environmental Consciousness in Theodore Cheever’s
The Whale and His Captors

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