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The Exotic In Western Music
Jonathan Bellman, ed.

Northeastern University Press


• Early Exoticism Revisited / Miriam K. Whaples

• "Forreine Conceites and Wandring Devises": The Exotic, the Erotic, and the Feminine / Linda Phyllis Austern

• The Alla Turca Style in the Late Eighteenth Century: Race and Gender in the Symphony and the Seraglio / Mary Hunter

• The Hungarian Gypsies and the Poetics of Exclusion / Jonathan Bellman

• Cutthroats and Casbah Dancers, Muezzins and Timeless Sands: Musical Images of the Middle East / Ralph P. Locke

• How Spain Got a Soul / James Parakilas

• "Entoiling the Falconet": Russian Musical Orientalism in Context / Richard Taruskin

• "I'm an Indian Too": Creating Native American Identities in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Music / Michael V. Pisani

• "The East in the West": Evocations of the Gamelan in Western Music / Mervyn Cooke

• Jazz and Musical Exoticism / Gunther Schuller

• Indian Resonances in the British Invasion, 1965-1968 / Jonathan Bellman

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