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The Remarkable Mrs. Ripley
The Life of Sarah Alden Bradford Ripley
Joan W. Goodwin

Northeastern University Press


List of Illustrations
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• Prologue
• Father, may I study Latin?
• God made the country, and man made the town
• An acquaintance with a Miss Emerson
• On the very eve of engaging myself
• A country clergyman’s wife
• For what exalted purpose?
• Mrs. Ripley’s skepticism
• Her sphere-which is not very narrow
• I cannot help fastening the thread
• The affections ... spread out in rays
• The sun shines bright and the grass looks green
• At last a home!
• One of the most remarkable persons in Concord
• Very happy with her quiet house and her lichens
• The bright sunset
• I am no Spartan mother
• There are no limits to love
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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