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Women on Power
Leadership Redefined
Sue J.M. Freeman, ed.; Susan C. Bourque, ed.; Christine M. Shelton, ed.; Jill Ker Conway, fwd.

Northeastern University Press


• Amazons and Warriors: The Image of the Powerful Woman (Jill Ker Conway, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Smith College)

• Leadership and Power: New Conceptions (Sue J.M. Freeman and Susan C. Bourque, both Smith College)

• Theoretical Issues

• Women at the Top -- You've Come a Long Way, Baby. . . (Sue J.M. Freeman, Smith College)

• The Problem of Silence in Feminist Psychology (Maureen A. Mahoney, Smith College)

• Political Leadership for Women -- Redefining Power and Reassessing the Political (Susan C. Bourque, Smith College)

• Leadership, Sport, and Gender (Mary Jo Kane, University of Minnesota)

• Historical Case Studies -- Starting a Movement

• Knowledge is Power: Our Bodies, Ourselves and the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (Barbara A. Brehm, Smith College)

• From Beijing to Atlanta and Beyond: The “Quiet” Revolution (Christine M. Shelton, Smith College)

• Maternal Politics -- Global Perspectives

• Marching Along with Mothers and Children (Myron Peretz Glazer, Smith College, and Penina Migdal Glazer, Hampshire College)

• Mothers as Leaders: The Madres Veracruzanas and the Mexican Antinuclear Movement (Velma Garcia-Gorena, Smith College)

• Professional Enclaves Open to Women

• Women in Veterinary Medicine: Past Achievements and Future Challenges (Miriam Slater, Hampshire College)

• Intersections: Women’s Sport Leadership and Feminist Praxis (Carole A. Oglesby, Temple University)

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