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The Politics of Terror
The U.S. Response to 9/11
William J. Crotty, ed.

Northeastern University Press


• Moral Dilemmas

• Prerequisites for Morally Credible Condemnations of Terrorism (Steven Nathanson, Northeastern University)

• The Public Response: Democratic Values, Patriotism, and Citizenship

• Terrorism and the Remaking of American Politics (John Kenneth White, Catholic University of America)

• The War on Terrorism and the New Patriotism (Scott L. McLean, Quinnipiac University)

• Civil Liberties

• America's Wartime Presidents: Politics, National Security, and Civil Liberties (Jerome M. Mileur and Ron Story, both University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

• Civil Liberties and the Judiciary in the Aftermath of September 11th (Daniel Krislov, University of New Hampshire)

• Security vs. Liberty: 9/11 and the American Public (Lynn M. Kuzma, University of Southern Maine)

• Institutions and Public Policy

• On the Home Front: Institutional Mobilization to Fight the Threat of International Terrorism (William J. Crotty, Northeastern University)

• Are We Safer Today? Organizational Responses to Terrorism (B. Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh)

• The Presidency Responds: The Implications of 9/11 for the Bush Administration's Policy Agenda (Richard Powell, University of Maine)

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