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The Sounds of Place
Music and the American Cultural Landscape
Denise Von Glahn

Northeastern University Press


• Illustrations
• A Place to Start
• America as Niagara: Nature as Icon
• Anthony Philip Heinrich: The War of the Elements and the Thundering of Niagara
• William Henry Fry: Niagara Symphony
• George Frederick Bristow: Niagara: Symphony for Grand Orchestra and Chorus
• From Country to City in the Music of Charles Ives
• The Housatonic at Stockbridge
• From Hanover Square North, at the End of a Tragic Day, the Voice of the People Again Arose
• Urban Places: Iconic New York
• Aaron Copland: Quiet City and Music for a Great City
• Edgard Vare`se: Ame´riques
• Duke Ellington: Harlem Air Shaft and Harlem
• Beyond the City: Rivers, Canyons, and Plains
• William Grant Still: Kaintuck’ and American Scenes
• Roy Harris: Cimarron
• Ferde Grofe´: Mississippi Suite, Grand Canyon Suite, Hudson River Suite, and Niagara Falls Suite
• Return to Nature: Recent Reconsiderations
• Robert Starer: Hudson Valley Suite
• Dana Paul Perna: Prout’s Neck and Three Places on Long Island
• Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Symphony No. 4, The Gardens
• A Sounding Place: America Redefined
• Steve Reich: Vermont Counterpoint, The Desert Music, New York Counterpoint, and City Life
• Conclusions: Where We Are
• Notes
• Select Bibliography
• Index

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