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Making Time
Lillian Moller Gilbreth -- A Life Beyond "Cheaper by the Dozen"
Jane Lancaster

Northeastern University Press


• Acknowledgments
Introduction - Wasn’t She the Mother in Cheaper by the Dozen?
there was only one consolation, and that was work
Gone West
dear lillie was always a remarkable person
Once Upon a Time
• The “Athens of the Pacific”
• In Search of the Strenuous Life
the one best partnership
Not Like Any Boys We Know
• Even Quest Makers Change Their Minds
• A Long-Distance Engagement
• The One Best Marriage
• Planning a Family
• Mentioned from the Platform by Taylor
“some classy bear-cat and cave-woman”
Divine Providence
• Scientifically Managing New England Butt
• The Good Exception
• A Second Dissertation
• Therbligs and Tonsils
• The Home Front
• The Gilbreth Family System
• Indicting the Stopwatch
“successfully in two places at the same time”
“Here I Stand, ‘the Case!’”
• Am I a Lady or an Engineer?
• Counter Cultures for Women
The Home-maker and Her Job
The Kitchen and the Office
“one of america’s foremost women”
This Home Is for Hoover
• A Dollar-a-Year Woman in Washington
• Woman Power
• Professor Gilbreth
• A Superannuated Bachelor Girl Goes to War
• As Resilient As a Good Rubber Band
“only a thermometer has more degrees”
Cheaper by the Dozen
• Work, for the Night Is Coming
• “It Doesn’t Take Long to Get Back from Rangoon”
• Archives and Libraries Consulted
• Notes
• Index

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