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The Rise and Fall of the Broadway Musical
Mark Grant

Northeastern University Press


• List of Illustrations
• Curtain Raiser
• ACT ONE - From Soaring Divas to Growing Rockers: How Changes in Singing Forged and Felled the Show Tune
• Scene One. Before the Microphone
• Scene Two. After the Microphone
• ACT TWO - How Mavericks, Highbrows, and Enlightened Collectivism Invemted the Book and Lyrics and Tweaked the Music
• Scene One. The Book
• Scene Two. The Lyrics
• Scene Three. The Music
• ACT THREE - Revolutions in Broadway Rhythm: How the Rock Groove Decomposed the Musical and Dismantled the Fourth Wall
• Scene One. Era of the March
• Scene Two. The Foxtrot and Rhythm Section Revolution
• Scene Three. The Rock Groove Cataclysm
• ACT FOUR - The Loudspeakers Are Alive with The Sound of Music: How Electronics Trumped the Artful Acoustics of Broadway
• Scene One. Orchestrators
• Scene Two. Sound Design
• ACT FIVE - Waggin the Musical: How Director-Choreographers Co-opted a Writer's Medium
• Scene One. From The Black Crook to Balanchine
• Scene Two. Apx: Agnes de Mille, Jerome Robbins, and Playwrighting Choreography
• Scene Three. Decline: Directors and Choreographers as Conceptual Showmen
• RIDEOUT - The Age of McMusicals: Vaudeville Redux
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Permissions Acknowledgements
• Index

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