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Place, Myth, and Memory
Dane Morrison, ed.; Nancy Lusignan Schultz, ed.

Northeastern University Press


• Illustrations
• Acknowledgements
• Preface for the General Reader
• Preface for Instructors and Students
• Salem Enshrined: Myth, Memory and the Power of Place - Nancy Lusignan Schulz and Dane Anthony Morrison
• Salem as Frontier Outpost - Emerson W. Baker II
• Salem as Religious Proving Ground - Christopher White
• Salem as Enterprise Zone, 1783-1786 - Robert Booth
• Salem as Athenauem - Matthew G. McKenzie
• Salem as Citizen of the World - Dane Anthony Morrison
• Salem as Nation's Schoolhouse - Rebecca R. Noel
• Salem as Hawthorne's Creation - Nancy Lusignan Schultz
• Salem as Architectural Mecca - John V. Goff
• Salem as Global City, 1850-2004 - Aviva Chomsky
• Salem as Crime Scene - Margaret Press
• Salem as Witch City - Frances Hill
• Salem's House of Seven Gables as Historic Site - Lorinda B. R. Goodwin
• Coda: Montage of Brick and Water - J. D. Scrimgeour
• Contributors
• Index