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Neither Angels nor Demons
Women, Crime, and Victimization
Kathleen Ferraro

Northeastern University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Blurred Boundaries and the Complexities of Experience
• Irreconcilable Differences: Women’s Encounters with the Criminal Processing System
• Negotiating Surreality
• The Social Reproduction of Women’s Pain
• Demonic Angels?: Violence against Abusers
• Angelic Demons?: Crimes of Complicity
• Epilogue
Pseudonym, Race/Ethnicity, Charges, Relationship to Victim(s), and Role in Offense
• Abuse of Drugs and Alcohol
• Women Who Killed Their Husbands/Partners
• Context of Violence against Husbands/Partners
• Prior Police Involvement, Children, Work, Abused as Child, and Parental Absence
• Women Who Committed Crimes against Others
• A Note on Method
• Notes
• References
• Index

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