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Women and Sports in the United States
A Documentary Reader
Jean O’Reilly, ed.; Susan K. Cahn, ed.

Northeastern University Press


• Timeline: 125 Years of U.S. Women in Sports - Compiled by Susan K. Cahn and Jean O’Reilly
Pioneering Women in Sport
Olympic Women: A Struggle for Recognition - Jennifer Hargreaves
• How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle
• Frances E. Willard
• The World-Beating Viking Girl of Texas - No Author Attribution
• Playing Nice: Politics and Apologies in Women’s Sports
• Mary Jo Festle
• Pioneers - J. E. Vader
• Riggs Butchered by Ms. King as Promoters Score a Million - Charles Maher
• “Mia” Culpa: The All–Too Quiet Retirement of Mia Hamm - David Zirin
Negotiating Masculinity and Femininity: The Female Athlete as Oxymoron
The Significance of Basket Ball for Women - Senda Berenson
• Are Athletics Making Girls Masculine?: A Practical Answer to a Question Every Girl Asks - Dudley A. Sargent, M.D.
• All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Rules of Conduct, 1943–1954 - The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
• Psychosocial Impacts of Athletic Participation on American Women: Facts and Fables - Don Sabo
• Throwing Like a Girl - James Fallows
• Living the Paradox: Female Athletes Negotiate Femininity and Muscularity - Vikki Krane, Precilla Y. L. Choi, Shannon M. Baird, Christine M. Aimar, and Kerrie J. Kauer
Competing Bodies: Physiological, Biological, and Psychological Issues
Chromosome Count - Alison Carlson
• Closing the Muscle Gap - Ann Crittenden
• Understanding the Female Athlete Triad - Irene McCormick
• Women and ACL Injuries: Taking the Bad News with the Good - Maureen Madden, PT, CSCS
• Catastrophic Injuries in Female Athletes: Cheerleading Leads the List - Robert C. Cantu, M.D., and Frederick O. Mueller, Ph.D.
• Women, Disability, and Sport and Physical Fitness Activity: The Intersection of Gender and Disability Dynamics - Elaine M. Blinde and Sarah G. McCallister
• Anabolic Steroids: The Gremlins of Sport - Terry Todd
• Eating Disorders and Gymnastics - Ana Cintado
• The Silence of Great Distance: Women Running Long - Frank Murphy
• Coming Home - Joli Sandoz
• Stronger Women - Mariah Burton Nelson
Building Inequality into Sport: Institutionalized Bias
Structural Constraints Facing Women in Sport - Nancy Theberge and Susan Birrell
• Half-Court Basketball: Power and Sex - Heather Ross Miller
• “I Can See the Finish Line” - Mark Starr
• Courting Destiny - Raquel Cepeda
• The Cold Wars: Inside the Secret World of Figure Skating - Joan Ryan
• Rooting for Michelle: Finding Contradictions at the Winter Olympics - Bill Wong
• Breaking Cultural Traditions: Culture, Family Play Role in Sports for Latina Girls - Maryjo Sylwester
• On the Rez - Ian Frazier
Sexuality and Sport
Changing the Game: Homophobia, Sexism, and Lesbians in Sport - Pat Griffin
• Homophobia Alleged in University of Florida Softball - Jim Buzinski
• Less Ugly - Lesléa Newman
• Sex, Lies, and Volleyball - Cynthia Hanson
• In the Buff: Female Athletes Take It All Off - Penny Hastings
• A New Image Exposed - Tom Maloney
The Feminine Image in Sports and Sports Media
Separating the Men from the Girls: The Gendered Language of Televised Sports - Michael Messner, Margaret Carlisle Duncan, and Kerry Jensen
• Sport and Society Broadcast for Friday, August 16, 1996 - Richard C. Crepeau
• The Women’s Sports Film as the New Melodrama - Jean O’Reilly
• It’s Time to Tell the Bloody Truth - Lorie Conway
• Bloodsport: Woman’s First Pro Fight Is Her Last - Joe Posnanski
• Offensive Interference - Sherry Ricchiardi
Law and Equity: Title IX and Its Aftermath
Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972: Title 20 U.S.C. Sections 1681–1688 - U.S. Department of Labor
• Title IX Media Helper - Women’s Sports Foundation
• Brown University Agrees to Guarantee Participation Rates for Women Athletes and Funding for Contested Women’s Teams - Trial Lawyers for Public Justice
• Title IX at 30: Report Card on Gender Equity—Athletics, C+ - The National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education
• A Train Wreck Called Title IX - George F. Will
• In the Spirit of Title IX - Emily Badger
• Title IX—The Good News, the Bad News - California Women’s Law Center
• Index

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