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Criminal Justice Research and Practice
Diverse Voices from the Field
Susan L. Miller, ed.; Claire M. Renzetti, fwd.

Northeastern University Press


• Foreword
• Claire M. Renzetti
• Editor’s Preface and Acknowledgments

• Ways To Inquire: Research Methods
• Introduction: From Passion to Practice - Joanne Belknap and Hillary Potter
• Feminist Research Methods in Theory and Action:
• Learning from Death Row Exonerees - Saundra D. Westervelt and Kimberly J. Cook
• Dispatches from the Field: Negotiating Difference and Diversity in Criminological Research - Shana L. Maier and Brian A. Monahan

• Inquirers: Professionals, Activists, and Researchers
• “Comforting the Troubled and Troubling the Comfortable”: Reflections on Lawyering for the Poor - Daniel Atkins and Eliza Patten
• When the Stakes Are Life and Death: The Promise and Peril of Public Sociology/Criminology for Capital Cases - Jill McCorkel
• Getting from Here to There: A Guide for Aspiring Academics - Susan Caringella and Drew Humphries
• Diversifying the Research Enterprise: Experiences of African American Women Working in a Federal Research Agency - Angela Moore Parmley and Jocelyn Fontaine

• Sites of Inquiry: Topics and Samples
• Changing My Life, among Others: Reflections on the Life and Work of a Feminist Man - Walter S. DeKeseredy
• Managing a Man’s World: The Experiences of a Female Probation Officer in a Male Sex Offender Supervision Unit - Michelle L. Meloy
• Diversity in Blue: Lesbian and Gay Police Officers in a Masculine Occupation - Susan L. Miller, Kay B. Forest, and Nancy C. Jurik
• “This Isn’t about Us”: Benefits of Dog Training Programs in a Women’s Prison - Dana M. Britton and Andrea L. Button
• Epilogue: Criminal Justice, Gender, and Diversity:
• A Call for Passion and Public Criminology - Meda Chesney-Lind

• Contributors’ Biographies