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Universal Trends, Regional Implications
Howard J. Wiarda, ed.

Northeastern University Press


• Introduction. Globalization in Its Universal and Regional Dimensions - Howard J. Wiarda

• General, Conceptual, and Theoretical Issues
• Many Globalizations: The Cultural Dynamics of Globalization - Peter L. Berger
• The Globalization of Democracy and Its Implications - Esther M. Skelley
• Has the “End of History” Arrived? Globalization’s
• Proponents and Opponents
• Howard J. Wiarda

• Globalization and Its Regional Impact
• The United States: Is America the Universal Nation? - Paul M. Rego
• Europe and Globalization: Challenges and Alternatives - Paul S. Adams
• Putin, Russia, and Globalization - Dale R. Herspring
• Globalization in East Asia - Peter R. Moody Jr.
• Globalization and South Asia: A Two-Way Process -
• A. H. Somjee
• Globalization in the Middle East: The Politics of Development and Dissent from Marrakech to Mecca - Sherry Lowrance
• Globalization and Mexico - Evren Çelik Wiltse
• Globalization and Africa’s Experience: “Fetching Water from a Broken Cistern” - Charles Conteh and Lana Wylie

• Conclusion. Globalization in Its One and Many Forms - Howard J. Wiarda
• Suggested Reading
• Contributors
• Index

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