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A Typology of Domestic Violence
Intimate Terrorism, Violent Resistance, and Situational Couple Violence
Michael P. Johnson

Northeastern University Press


• Introduction

• Control and Violence in Intimate Relationships
• Intimate Terrorism and Other Types of Partner Violence
• Intimate Terrorism
• Violent Resistance
• Situational Couple Violence
• Mutual Violent Control
• Doing Research on Intimate Terrorism and Other Types of Partner Violence
• Asking the Right Questions: The Nature of Coercive Control
• Not Asking the Right Questions: The Battered Husband Fiasco
• When the Right Questions Aren't Asked, Where Do We Find the Types?

• Intimate Terrorism: Controlling Your Partner
• The Basic Characteristics of (Heterosexual Men's) Intimate Terrorism
• Nonviolent Control Tactics
• The Nature and Pattern of the Violence
• Who Are the Intimate Terrorists?
• Two Types of Intimate Terrorists: Psychological Commonalities and Differences
• Risk Markers for Intimate Terrorism
• The Effects of Intimate Terrorism
• Economic Effects
• Physical Health
• Psychological Health
• Effects on the Relationship with the Abuser
• Incipient Intimate Terrorism/Nonviolent Coercive Control

• Fighting Back: Violent Resistance
• Women Coping with Intimate Terrorism
• Violent Resistance
• Leaving
• Desperate Acts
• The Good News

• Conflicts That Turn Violent: Situational Couple Violence
• Variability in the Violence Itself
• The Causes of Chronic Situational Couple Violence
• Sources of Couple Conflict
• Couple Communication Patterns That Affect Escalation to Violence
• Individual Background and Personality Factors That Affect Escalation to Violence
• The Effects of Situational Couple Violence
• Physical Health
• Psychological Health
• The Relationship with the Abuser
• The Essential Variability of Situational Couple Violence

• Implications for Intervention, Prevention, and Research
• Implications for Intervention
• Shelters and Other Battered Women's Services
• Law Enforcement
• Batterer Programs
• Family Court and Child Protective Services
• Coordinated Community Response
• Implications for Prevention
• Implications for Research

• Appendix A: Identifying Intimate Terrorism and Other Types of Partner Violence
• Measuring Coercive Control
• Identifying High Coercive Control
• What Is the Role of Violence in the Typology?
• The Data in this Book
• Samples and Measures Used in the Analyses for This Book
• Johnson et al.: Six Other Papers

• Appendix B: Stalking and Separation-Precipitated Violence
• Intimate Terrorism and the Risks of Leaving
• Separation-Precipitated Violence That May Be Situational Couple Violence

• Appendix C: Gender and Intimate Partner Violence
• Gender and Intimate Terrorism
• What About Situational Couple Violence?
• A Note on Same-Sex Relationships

• Notes
• References
• Index

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