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Sports Justice
The Law and the Business of Sports
Roger I. Abrams

Northeastern University Press


• Preface & Acknowledgments
• Introduction – Sports and the Law
• Stay Out of My Court
• Swing for the Green, If You Can – The Rights of Disabled Athletes
• Gender Identity in a Changing World – Tennis Anyone?
• The Ideal of Amateurism – NCAA Regulation of the College Cartel
• Sports Arbitration and Enforcing Promises
• Gender Equity on the Parallel Bars – Title IX and the Changing Vision of American Sports
• Sticks Are Swinging, But Is It a Crime?
• Al Davis, Pete Rozelle, and Franchise Free Agency
• The Tight End, Freedom, and the Antitrust Laws
• T.O. Meets the Arbitrator
• Conclusion – Justice for All
• Notes on the Text
• Bibliography
• Index

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