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Women, Violence, and the Media
Readings in Feminist Criminology
Drew Humphries, ed.

Northeastern University Press


List of Tables
• Preface
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction: Toward a Framework for Integrating Women, Violence, and the Media
• Gendered Constructions: Women and Violence
• Words that Wound: Print Media's Presentation of Gendered Violence - Michelle L. Meloy and Susan L. Miller
• Constructing Murderers: Female Killers of '
Law and Order' - Drew Humphries
• Screening Stereotypes: African American Women in Hollywood Films - Frankie Y. Bailey
• What about Women? The Representation of Women in Media, Crime, and Violence Textbooks - Zoann K. Snyder
• Debating the Issues: Femicide and Sexual Terrorism
• Does Gender Make a Difference? The Influence of Female Victimization on Media Coverage of Mass Murder Incidents - Janice E. Clifford, Carl J. Jensen III, and Thomas A. Petee
• Rapist Freed, Victim Punished: Newspaper Accounts of Violence against Women in Bangladesh - Mahfuzul I. Khondaker and Melissa H. Barlow
• Media Images of Sexual Violence: Ethnic Cleansing in Rwanda and the Former Yugoslavia - Yaschica Williams and Janine Bower
• The Haunting of Jane Tennison: Investigating Violence against Women in '
Prime Suspect' - Madelaine Adelman, Gray Cavender, and Nancy C. Jurik
• Changing the Image: Feminist Critics and Criticism
• Victims and Sources: Newspaper Reports of Mass Murder in Domestic Contexts - John W. Heeren and Jill Theresa Messing
• Running Out of Oxygen: Is "
Television for Women" Suffocating Women? - Emily Lenning and Darrin Kowitz
• Making Sense of a Female Malady: Fear of Crime, Hysteria, and Women Watching '
Crimewatch UK' - Deborah Jermyn
• Victim Blaming through High-Profile Crimes: An Analysis of Unintended Consequences - Lynn S. Chancer
• Selected Readings
• Contributors

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