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Terrorism, Instability, and Democracy in Asia and Africa
Dan G. Cox, John Falconer, Brian Stackhouse

Northeastern University Press


• List of Illustrations
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• Defining Terrorism: The First Step in an Effective International Counterterrorism Strategy
• A Clash of Civilizations, the Democratic Peace, the Poverty–Terrorism Nexus, or Regime Instability
• Methods Used to Investigate the Causes of Terrorism in Asia and Africa
• Analyzing International Terrorism in Asia and Africa
• Analyzing Domestic Terrorism in Asia and Africa
• Terrorism, Transition, Economic Growth, and Instability in Southeast Asia
• East Asia: A Lack of Sustained Terrorism
• The Large and Constant Specter of Terrorism in South Asia
• Central Asia and the Role of the Soviet Union
• Terrorism in Northern Africa
• The Terrorist Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa
• Conclusion and Policy Prescriptions
• Index

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