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Victim Advocacy in the Courtroom
Persuasive Practices in Domestic Violence and Child Protection Cases
Mary Lay Schuster, Amy D. Propen

Northeastern University Press


• Preface
• Victim Advocacy in the Courtroom
• Perspectives for Understanding Advocacy in the Courtroom
• Reason and Emotion, Objectivity and Subjectivity, in the Courtroom
• Issues of Credibility, Trust, and Power for Victims and Their Advocates
• Advocacy Work: Giving Voice to the Vulnerable and Abused
• The Rhetorical Work of Victim Advocates and Guardians ad Litem: Perspectives and Recommendations
• Appendixes

• Interview Questions for judges about Victim Impact Statements
• Interview Questions for Victim Advocates about Victim Impact Statements
• Observation Form for Victim Impact Statements Offered in Sentencing Hearings
• Data Coding and Analysis
• Interview Questions for Guardians ad Litem
• Interview Questions for Juvenile Court Judges
• Observations Forms for CHIPS Hearings and Trials
• Victim Impact Statement (VIS8)
• Sample Written GAL Report of Review or Intermediate Disposition Hearing in a CHIPS Case
• Notes
• References
• Index

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