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The Farthest Place
The Music of John Luther Adams
Bernd Herzogenrath, ed.

Northeastern University Press


• Introduction – Bernd Herzogenrath
• Song of the Earth – Alex Ross
• Music as Place, Place as Music: The Sonic Geography of John Luther Adams – Sabine Feisst
• Time at the End of the World: The Orchestral Tetralogy of John Luther Adams – Kyle Gann
• for Lou Harrison – Peter Garland
• Strange Noise, Sacred Places – Steven Schick
• Go There to Listen: How Music Based on Nature Might Not Need Natural Sounds – David Rothenberg
• The Thunder That Smokes – Glenn Kotche
• How Do You
Play with an Aura?: The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies – Robert Esler
• Qilyaun – Scott Deal
• The Color Field Music of John Luther Adams – Todd Tarantino
• The Light Within – Molly Sheridan
• Timbral Listening in
Dark Waves – Dave Herr
• Place and Space: The Vision of John Luther Adams in the Ultramodernist Tradition – Robert Carl
• The Weather of Music: Sounding Nature in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries – Bernd Herzogenrath
songbirdsongs and Inuksuit: Creating an Ecocentric Music – David Shimoni
• A Catalogue of Works By and About John Luther Adams – Noah Pollaczek
• List of Contributors
• Index

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