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The Death of the American Death Penalty
States Still Leading the Way
Larry W. Koch, Colin Wark, John F. Galliher

Northeastern University Press


• Death Penalty Debates in Traditional Abolitionist Jurisdictions
• The New York State Death Penalty Debate
• The Abolition of Capital Punishment in New Jersey
• The Abolition of Capital Punishment in New Mexico
• The Abolition of Capital Punishment in Illinois
• The Recurring Life and Death of Death Penalty Legislation in Kansas
• Recent Death Penalty Abolition Near Misses in New England: New Hampshire and Connecticut
• Recent Abolition Near Misses: Nebraska and Maryland
• De Facto Abolition States
• Opposition to Capital Punishment in the South and Texas
• Summary and Conclusion: The Death Penalty on a Downhill Slope
• Notes
• Index

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