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With Robert Lowell and His Circle
Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop, Stanley Kunitz & Others
Kathleen Spivack

Northeastern University Press


• Introduction
• The “Family”
• Oberlin and Boston, 1958-1959
• Early Days in Boston
First Impressions, January 1959
• First Meeting with Robert Lowell
Boston University, 1959
First Classes at Boston University, 1959-1960
• Sylvia Plath, 1959-1960
• Robert Lowell’s Appearance
• Lowell’s Way of Teaching
• Anne Sexton, 1959-1974
• Later Visits with Anne Sexton
Reflections on Psychotherapy and Sleep
Teatime with Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Hardwick
• Literary Boston in the Late ‘50s and ‘60s
Social Milieu, Class, and the Literary Tradition
• Significant Other, 1959-1977
• Adrienne Rich, 1960s
• The Two Sets of Classes
Boston University and Harvard, 1959-1977
• Elizabeth Bishop and Ping-Pong, 1974-1979
• Boston and Its Influence
Bishop and Lowell
• Lowell’s Poet Friends
Frank Bidart, Lord Gowrie, Bill Alfred
Stanley Kunitz, 1971-2006
• Lowell and Women
Students, Friends, and Wives!
Young Marriage in Somerville A Small Apartment, a Mad Inventor, Literary Visitors, 1960-1977
• He Was Ancient! He Was Over Forty!
(After Office Hours at Harvard)
• The Underside
“Madness” and the Culture of Nervous Breakdowns
• Alcohol and Drugs
• Gender and Suicide
• A Gifted Young Student
Peter Kaplan, 1963-1977
• The “Po Biz”
Submission, Rejection, Money
• “Genius at Work”
Revision, Presentation, Contribution
Allen Ginsburg and Robert Lowell Two Branches of American Poetry
• The “Romantics” Seminar, Harvard University, Spring 1977
• Final Spring, 1977
• Looking for Robert Lowell’s Grave, October 1977
• Notes of a Witness

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