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Battered Women, Their Children, and International Law
The Unintended Consequences of the Hague Child Abduction Convention
Taryn Lindhorst, Jeffrey L. Edleson

Northeastern University Press


Foreword — Hon. Barbara Madsen, Chief Justice, Washington State Supreme Court
• Preface
• Authors’ Note
• Introduction: Globalization, Families, and Domestic Violence: The Hague Convention in Practice
• Emotional Terror, Physical Harm, and Women’s Experiences of Domestic Violence
• The Misinterpretation of Domestic Violence: Recasting Survival as Child Abduction 000
• • The Unique Situation of Latinas Responding to Hague Petitions
with Luz Lopez and Gita Mehrotra
• Child Exposure to Abduction and Domestic Violence
• Hague Decisions and the Aftermath
• How Attorneys Litigate Hague Domestic Violence Cases
• Judicial Reasoning in Hague Cases Involving Domestic Violence
with William Vesneski
• Practice and Policy Implications
• Afterword —
Sudha Shetty, Esq.
• Appendix A: If You Need Help
• Appendix B: Methods for Mothers’ Study
• Appendix C: Methods for Attorney Study
• Appendix D: Methods for Judicial Opinion Study
• References
• List of Legal Cases Cited
• Index

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