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Clergy Sexual Abuse
Social Science Perspectives
Claire M. Renzetti, ed.; Sandra Yocum, ed.

Northeastern University Press


• An Introduction to Social Science Perspectives on the Problem of Clergy Sexual Abuse — Claire M. Renzetti
• Understanding the Response to Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests: A Criminal Justice Perspective — Karen J. Terry
• The Interplay of Psychological and Institutional Factors in Sexual Abuse by Roman Catholic Clergy — John C. Gonsiorek
• Contingent Crimes: Exploring the Sexual Abuse of Children by Clerics from a Situational Crime Perspective — Paul D. Steele
• The Priest and Catholic Culture as Symbolic System of Purity — Sandra Yocum
• Don’t Call It an Affair: Understanding and Preventing Clergy Sexual Misconduct with Adults — Diana Garland
• Clergyperson Sexual Misconduct with Congregants or Parishioners: Past Attempts to Impose Civil and Criminal Liabilities and a Proposed Criminal Law to Increase the Likelihood of Criminal Punishment of Perpetrators — Bradley Toben and Kris Helge
• About the Contributors
• Index

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