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Body and Earth
An Experiential Guide
Andrea Olsen; Bill McKibben, fwd., Caryn McHose

Middlebury College Press


• Introduction
• About This Book
• Day 1 Basic Concepts
Dance is both universal and highly personal.
• To Do: Orientation
• To Dance: Familiar-Voice Dancing
• To Write: Personal Orientation About the Tonic System
• Studio Notes: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
• Day 2 Attitudes
People have complex views about the dancing body.
To Do: Finding Your Calcaneus
• To Dance: Opposite-Voice Dancing
• To Write: Why Dance?
• Studio Notes: David Dorfman

Day 3 Flow
Flow is our oceanic heritage.
To Do: Rolling and Pouring
• To Do: Spherical Awareness
• To Dance: Plumb-Line Falls
• To Write: Letting Words Flow
• Studio Notes: Kathleen Hermesdorf
• Day 4 Fire
Sometimes we need fire.
To Do: Vessel Breath
• To Dance: Dancing through the Body Systems
• To Write: Fire and You
• Studio Notes: Caryn McHose
• Day 5 Getting Started
You can only dance where you are.
To Do: Three Long Walks
• To Dance: Presentations
• To Write: Creative Conditions
• Studio Notes: Penny Campbell
• Day 6 Training and Technique
We train for the unknown.
• What I Look for in a Performer (Tamar Rogoff)
• To Do: Hip Reflex
• To Dance: Light-Touch Duets
• To Write: Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses
• Studio Notes: Jeanine Durning
• Day 7 Embracing Mystery
Dancing involves surrender.
To Do: Breathing Spot
• To Do: Three-Part Breath
• To Dance: Refreshing What’s Needed
• To Write: What’s Your Experience of Mystery?
• Studio Notes: Suprapto Suryodarmo
• Being Seen, Being Moved: Authentic Movement and Performance, Part I
• Day 8 Looking Back, Moving Forward
Dance history comes in several forms.
• To Do: Releasing the Jaw
• To Dance: Dance One Artist’s Dance
• To Write: Your Dance Story
• Studio Notes: Nancy Stark Smith
• Studio Notes: Teena Marie Custer
• Day 9 Improvising
Improvising can be experienced on a continuum.
To Do: Freeing the Girdles To Dance: Dance Your Partner
• To Write: Improvisational Mind
• Studio Notes: Lisa Gonzales, Pamela Vail, and Michael Chorney
• Day 10 Composing
Composition is arranging.
To Do: Four Movement Qualities
• To Dance: Framing
• To Dance: Composing with a Group
• To Do and Write: Dance-a-Day Notebook
• Studio Notes: Jim Coleman
• Day 11 Choreographing
Choreography involves the why of a thing.
• To Do: Contra-lateral Yield and Push
• To Dance: Building Trios
• To Write and Do: Concept-Driven Dance
• Studio Notes: David Dorfman
• Studio Notes: John Elder
• Day 12 Visceral Movement
• H
ow do you know whether you’re moving or still?
• To Do: Pelvic Floor
• To Dance: The Antidote-to-the-Antidote Dance
• To Write: Artist’s Statement
• Studio Notes: Bebe Miller
• Day 13 Rehearsing
The most stunning dancing happens in rehearsals.
• To Do: Ball of Energy
• To Dance: Body-Parts Duets
• To Dance: Declarations
• To Write: Reviewing Rehearsing
• Studio Notes: Peter Schmitz
• Day 14 Sound and Music
Ears are always open.
To Do: Resonance
• To Dance: Dancing Twelve
• To Dance: DJ Time
• To Write: Music Journal
• Studio Notes: Michael Chorney
• Day 15 Space and Place
Space shapes the body, and the body shapes space.
• To Do: Parallel Lines in the Sand
• To Dance: Space Plan
• To Write and Do: Gestalt Dance
• Studio Notes: Chris Aiken
• Day 16 Endings
Don’t abandon your ending.
To Do: Practicing Ending
• To Dance: Calling End
• To Write: Ending?
• Studio Notes: Robert Swinston, on Merce Cunningham
• Day 17 Words and Feedback
Language shapes a way of thinking.
• Reinterpreting Butterflies
• To Do: Watching and Writing
• To Dance: Dance-Back
• To Speak: Talking about Dancing
• To Write: Performance Response
• Studio Notes: Kate Trammell
• Studio Notes: Deborah Jowitt
• Day 18 Touch and Partnering
• T
ouch and partnering involve a yield toward center.
• To Do: Layers of Touch
• To Dance: Landscapes
• To Write: Touching and Being Touched
• Studio Notes: Terry Creach
• Day 19 Vision
Vision links past with future and communicates the present.
• To Do: Expanding the Skull
• To Do: Flowing and Forming
• To Dance: Postcard Dances
• To Write: Vision Statement
• Studio Notes: Lisa Nelson
• Dance, Place, and Video: Otto Ramstad
• Day 20 Breath and Voice
Breath affects the phrasing and timing of movement and vocalization.
• To Do: Resonance
• To Do: Talking to the Floor
• To Dance: Dancing Your Story
• To Write and Present: Speaking Your Artist’s Statement
• Studio Notes: Alex Draper
• Day 21 Textures, Fabrics, and Costumes
Costumes are experienced as part of the body.
To Do: Costume Day
• To Dance: Opposite-Voice Costumes
• To Do and Write: Laying Out Possibilities
• Studio Notes: Heidi Henderson
• Day 22 Dancing with Light
• Light makes things happen.
• To Do: Lighting Board
• To Dance: Four Lighting Possibilities
• To Write and Do: Light Your Dance with a Designer
• Seven Questions to Ask Yourself
• Studio Notes: Kathy Couch
• Day 23 From Studio to Stage
Performance week is a time to focus.
• To Do: Saying Your Name
• To Dance: Rehearsal Coaching
• To Write and Speak: Elevator Pitch
• Studio Notes: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
• Day 24 Performing
Performance invokes transformation.
• To Do: Tuning Stillness and Moving Warm-Up
• To Dance: Thresholds
• To Write: What’s Your Relationship to Performance?
• Studio Notes: Susan Prins
• Being Seen, Being Moved: Authentic Movement and Performance, Part II
• Day 25 Healthy Dancing
• T
he nervous system governs our actions and reactions. •To Do: Imagining the Cortex Central Nervous System
• To Dance: Dancing through the Nervous System, Part I
• To Write: What’s Healthy Dancing to You?
• Studio Notes: Stuart Singer
• Day 26 Healing Dancing
Dancing and dance making create agency.
• To Do: Embodying the Four Layers of the Nervous System
• To Dance: Dancing through the Nervous System, Part II
• To Write: Reflecting on Writing
• Studio Notes: Paul Matteson
• Day 27 Teaching Dancing
Teaching is learning.
• To Do: Heel Foot and Ankle Foot
• To Dance: Extending Your Range
• To Write: Teaching Dancing
• Six Composing Basics
• Reviewing Ten Landmarks for Efficient Movement
• Studio Notes: David Dorfman
• Day 28 Dance and Yoga
Dance and yoga are longtime partners.
To Do: Articulating Eight Horizontal Diaphragms
• To Dance: Preparations for Sun Salutation
• To Do and Write: Savasana
• Studio Notes: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
• Day 29 Nature and Creativity
Body is Earth.
• To Do: Place Map
• To Dance: be-ing Score
• To Write: An Experience in Nature
• Studio Notes: Andrea Olsen, Art Making and the Environment
• Day 30 Concerning the Spiritual
Dance is embodied spirit.
• To Do: Three Contemplative Practices
• To Dance: Sacred Space
• To Write: A Sense of the Sacred
• Studio Notes: Janet Adler
• Day 31 Personal Project
Create your own chapter.
• Acknowledgments
• Notes
• Selected Bibliography
• Publication Credits
• Subject Index
• Art Index

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