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The Rhetoric of Modernist Fiction
From a New Point of View
Morton Levitt

University Press of New England


• The Art of Point of View
• Booth, Joyce and Modernist Points of View
• Some Rules for Reading Modernist Novels
• Some Fallacies of Intention / Modernist Characteristics
• The Role and Responsibility of the Modernist Reader
• Booth, Henry James and James Joyce: Distance/Ambiguity/Amorality
• The Fallacy of the “Implied Author”
• A Brief History of Point of View in the Brief History of the Novel
• Chaucer’s
Eighteenth-Century Beginnings: Fielding and Richardson
• Nineteenth-Century English Forms: Dickens, Thackeray, Trollope, Brontë
• Nineteenth-Century American Forms: Hawthorne
• Straddling the Centuries: Henry James, Novelist and Theoretician
• Nineteenth-Century European Developments: Stendhal and Flaubert
• Anton Chekhov
• Modernist Intentions and Innovations: The Role of the Reader
• Learning What to Leave Out: Joyce’s
Hemingway as Model: In the Path of Dubliners
To Narrate, Narration, Narrator, Narratology
• Some Narrators and Their Audiences: Browning, Rossetti, Dostoevsky, Camus
• Conrad and Marlow
• Oral Histories and Historians: Faulkner and Claude Simon
• (Good Old Fashioned) Reliability and its Modernist Face
• (Potential) Unreliability: Dickens, Fowles, Gide, Ford, and Melville
• John Fowles’
Daniel Martin
André Gide’s The Counterfeiters
Ford Madox Ford’s The Good Soldier
Reliability Beyond Narration: Melville and the Question of Confi dence
• Narration within Narration: Social and Personal Histories
• The Narrative Act in
A la recherche du temps perdu
Patrick Chamoiseau, Oiseau de Cham and Texaco
Narrative Invention: Critics Inventing Narrators
• The Presumed “Narrator” in Joyce’s Telemachus”
• The Would-Be Narrator in Woolf ’s
The Waves
The Creation of Consciousness on the Page: Forms of Internal Monologue
• Individual Consciousness: Mrs. Dalloway and Mr. Bloom on City Streets
• Stream of Consciousness/
Monologue Intérieur (Ulysses)
• Universal Consciousness/The Unconscious (
Finnegans Wake)
• Disintegration
• “An attack from the inside”: The Narrator Self-Destructs: Michel Butor
• Omniscience
• Late Modern Revivals
• Margaret Drabble
• At Play in the Fields of Omniscience: José Saramago
• At Play in the Fields of Omniscience (II): Carol Shields
• The Subjective Uses of Narrative Objectivity
• Modernist Objectivity
• Booth, Joyce and “Authorial Objectivity”
• Avoiding the Authorial Presence: Lawrence v. Kafka
• Modernist Narrative Survivals and Adaptations: From Kazantzakis to Bellow, Allegra Goodman, Don DeLillo
• Metafiction as Narration
• Comic Strips and Movies
• Detective Novels
• John Barth
• Philip Roth
• Time as a Function of Point of View
• From Victorian Chronology to the Time of the Mind
• Time for Mann/Biblical Time
• Joycean Time
• Proustean Time
• Time Passes: Faulkner, Simon, Woolf
• Time’s Calendar: Carlos Fuentes
• Notes
• Index

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