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Midrashic Women
Formations of the Feminine in Rabbinic Literature
Judith R. Baskin

Brandeis University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Note on Translations and Abbreviations
• Introduction
• Distinguishing Differences: The Otherness of Women in Rabbinic Judaism
• Constructing Eve: Midrashic Revisions of Human Creation
• Eve’s Curses: Female Disadvantages and Their Justifications
• Fruitful Vines and Silent Partners: Women as Wives in Rabbinic Literature
• “Why Were the Matriarchs Barren?”: Resolving the Anomaly of Female Infertility
• “A Separate People”: Rabbinic Delineations of the Worlds of Women
• Afterword
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Subject Index
• Index of Primary Sources

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