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Ceramics in America 2004
Robert Hunter, ed.

Chipstone Foundation


The Swan Cove Kiln: Chesapeake Tobacco Pipe Production, Circa 1650-1669 - Al Luckenbach
Archaeology of a Colonial Pottery Factory: The Kilns and Ceramics of the “Poor Potter” of Yorktown - Norman F. Barka
Yorktown's “Poor Potter”: A Man Wise Beyond Discretion - Martha W. McCartney and Edward Ayres
An “A-Marked” Porcelain Covered Bowl, Cherokee Clay, and Colonial America's Contribution to the English Porcelain Industry - W. Ross Ramsay, Judith A. Hansen, and E. Gael Ramsay
The Little Engine That Could: Adaptation of the Engine-Turning Lathe in the Pottery Industry - Jonathan Rickard and Donald Carpentier
The Potters and Pottery of Morgan's Town, Virginia: The Earthenware Years, Circa 1796-1854 - Don Horvath and Richard Duez
Bernard Leach in America - Emmanuel Cooper
Henry Remmey & Son, Late of New York: A Rediscovery of a Master Potter's Lost Years - Luke Zipp
The Remarkable Stoneware of George N. Fulton, Circa 1856-1894 - Kurt C. Russ
A-Hunting We Will Go! From Vauxhall to Lambeth, 1700-1956 - Ivor Noël Hume

A New Look at Old Stoneware: The Pottery of Tildon Easton - Barbara H. Magid
James Miller, Lost Potter of Alexandria, Virginia - Brandt Zipp and Mark Zipp
Relatedness and Fluidity among Stoneware Potters of Washington County, Virginia - Christopher T. Espenshade
Jar or Jug? A Handled Stoneware Storage Vessel from the Delaware Valley - William B. Liebeknecht
William Pecker Jar - John Kille
Excavations at the Minton Factory: Shedding New Light on Nineteenth-Century Pottery Kilns - Jonathan Goodwin
If This Pot Could Sing - Al Luckenbach
“This I Mad for Yov and Moom” - Robert Werowinski
New Acquisitions at Chipstone - Robert Hunter
A Pernicious Influence? Japanese Water Drop Ware - Mary C. Beaudry
An Investigation into “Ghosts” and Gilding on a Kangxi Porcelain Pot in the J. Paul Getty Museum - Lisa Ellis
Sherds of Chinese Porcelain Found at Old Mobile - Linda R. Shulsky
The John Dortch Site: Anglo Elegance on the Spanish Louisiana Frontier - Sara A. Hahn

If These Pots Could Talk: Collecting 2,000 Years of British Household Pottery, Ivor Noël Hume - Geoffrey Godden
• Rudy Autio,
Louana Lackey - Glenn Adamson
• Business Structure, Business Culture, and the Industrial District: The Potteries, c. 1850-1914,
Andrew Popp - Regina L. Blaszcszyk
• Pottery, Politics, Art: George Ohr and the Brothers Kirkpatrick,
Richard D. Mohr - Ellen P. Denker
• The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez,
Richard L. Spivey - Dwight P. Lanmon
• Chinese Export Porcelain in the Reeves Center Collection at Washington and Lee University,
Thomas V. Litzenburg, Jr., and Ann T. Bailey - Kee Il Choi
• The Traditional Crafts of Porcelain Making in Jingdezhen,
Bai Ming - William R. Sargent

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