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Black Portsmouth
Three Centuries of African-American Heritage
Mark J. Sammons, Valerie Cunningham

University of New Hampshire Press


• Preface - The Seaport - Colonists
• Portsmouth and the Slave Trade
• Sale of Enslaved People
• White Fears, Regulation, and Legislation
• One Negro Man £200, One Ditto Woman £50: Location, Labor, Value
• Skilled Craftspeople
• Fortune and James: Invisibility
• Hannah, Pomp, Nanne, Violet, Scipio: Agricultural Work
• Quamino, Prince, Nero, a Negro Girl, Cato, Peter, John Jack, and Phyllis: The Role of Slavery among the White Colonial Elite
• Venus: Decoding Clues
• North Church People: Status and Religion
• Nero Brewster, Willie Clarkson, Jock Odiorne, Pharaoh Shores: Black Coronations, Internal Status. and Social Control
• The Unnamed, Unrecorded Dead: Health, Medicine, Death, Burial
• The Cotton and Hunking Families: Family, Women, Marriage
• Revolutionary Petitioners: Politics and Freedom
• Prince Whipple: Revolution and Freedom
• Free Black People in an Era of Slavery
• The Long-Range Impacts of the Slave System - Early Americans
• "3 Very Old Negroes Almost Good for Nothing": The Plight of the Elderly in Freedom
• Prince, Cuffee, Dinah, and Rebecca Whipple: A Sample Family Living in Freedom
• Siras Bruce and Flora Stoodley Bruce: New Freedom, Limited Options
• Pomp and Candace Spring: A Glimpse of Home and Home Life
• Dinah GIbson: Making It on Her Own
• Richard Potter: Making an Itinerant Living in Entertainment
• Black Marines of Portsmouth: Life at Sea and at Home
• Esther Whipple Mullinaux: Kinship and Cluster Diffusion - Abolition
• Portsmouth's Continued Participation in Slavery
• Frederick Douglass, Charles Lenox Remond, William Wells Brown: Black Abolitionist Orators and the Civil War Years in Portsmouth •"Most of the Colored People of the City, Both Old and Young": Celebrating Emancipation - Community
• People's Baptist Church: Spiritual Life, Religious Community
• Deacon Haywood Burton: Community Leader
• Gearge M. King, Ralph Reed, Albert Auylor: Social Clubs and Political Action
• The Klan in Portsmouth
• Louis George Gregory and Louisa Matthews Gregory: Spiritual Leaders for Racial Unity
• Elizabeth Virgil: Quiet Pioneer, Witness to a Changing World
• Owen Finnigan Cooper, Eugene Reid, John Ramsay, Emerson Reed, Doris Moore, Anna Jones: World War II and the Patriotic Service
• Rosary Broxay Cooper: Migration, Career Options, Patriotic Service - Civil Rights
• Lost Boundaries, Broken Barriers
• Thomas CObbs: Making a Living, Making a Difference
• Legislating Destruction: Government Policy and the Black Experience
• Working Together, Seeking Understanding: The Seacoast Council on Race and Religion - Living with Diversity - Coffins Under the Street: An Afterword
• Appendix: Places Associated with Narratives in This Book
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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