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Jews of South Florida
Andrea Greenbaum, ed.

Brandeis University Press


• Acknowledgements
• Introduction
• Part I Culture and Community
• Ten Percent of American Jews - Ira Sheskin
• Alligators and Matzo Balls: A Historical Overview of the Florida Jewish Community - Marcia Kerstein Zerivitz
• Blood and Sand: The Jewish Community of South Florida - Shephen J. Whifield
• Anti-Semitism in Florida Culture - Henry Abramson
• Cuban Jews in South Florida: Exile Redux - Stephen Benz
• Sephardic Jews in South Florida - Annete B., Fromm
• From Swamp to "Shayna Platz": Jewish Lfe in Broward County (Historical Photos from the Jewish Museum of Florida) - Marcia Kerstein Zerivitz
• Jews of Boca Raton - Linda Brockman
• Yiddishkeit in South Beach: "I want to Be With You to Sing My Songs"- Joel Saxe
• Life on South Beach: A Photographic Portfolio - Gary Monroe
• Part II Institutions
• Jewish Gangsters Starring Meyer Lansky - Jack B. Moore
• Leon Kronish: Miami Beach's Twentieth- Century Prophet - Henry A. Green
• Synagogues in the Sand - Zev Ben Beichman
• Jewish Education in South Florida - Susan Neimand
• A History of the National Council of Jewish omen, Greater Miami Section - Joanie Glickstein
• Yizkor: Survivor Narratives at the Miami Holocaust Memorial - Andrea Greenbaum
• Behind the Cultural Facade: Yiddish Cultural Revival in Miami - David Weintraub
• Contributor Biographies
• Index

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