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New England Weather, New England Climate
Gregory A. Zielinski, Barry D. Keim

University of New Hampshire Press


• List of Figures and Tables
• Acknowledgements
• Part 1: What Makes New England's Weather and Climate Unique - A General Perspective
• Part II: Causes of Change in New England Weather and Climate - Changes within the Year
• Year-to-Year Changes
• Changes over Long Time Periods
• Part III: Diversity of New England's Weather and Climate: From the Mountains to the Beaches - Permanent Causes
• Nonpermanent Causes
• Part IV: Seasons of New England - Ski Season
• Mud Season
• Beach and Lake Season
• Foliage Season
• The Year in Summary
• The Alpine Zone
• Part V: The Weather Events that Influence the Lives of New Englanders - Heat Waves and Cold Spells
• Droughts and Rainstorms
• Nor'easters
• Ice Storms
• Tornadoes
• Hurricanes
• Part VI: Changes over Time - Looking into the Past
• What Does the Future Hold?
• A Retrospective
• Glossary
• References Cited
• Other Suggested Readings
• Index

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