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Jews in Israel
Contemporary Social and Cultural Patterns
Uzi Rebhun, ed.; Chaim Waxman, ed.

Brandeis University Press


• Part I: Establishing the Framework for Contemporary Jewish Life in Israel
• Uzi Rebhun- Major Trends in the Devlopment of Israeli Jews: A Synthesis of the Last Century
• Sergio DellaPergola- Demography in Israel at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century
• Part II: immigration and Social Adaptation
• Sammy Smooha- Jewish Ethnicity in Israel: Symbolic or Real?
• Elazar Leshem and Moshe Sicron- The Soviet Immigrant Community in Israel
• Steven Kaplan and Hagar Salamon- Ethiopian Jews in Israel: A Part of the People or Apart from the People?
• Part III: Social Transformation and Political Orientation
• Eliezer Ben-Rafael and Menachem Topel- The Kibbutz's Transformation: Who Leads It and Where?
• Asher Arian- Elections and Voting Patterns
• Hanna Herzog - Women in Israeli Society
• Chaim I. Waxman- Religion in the Israeli Public Square
• Manifestations of Jewish Identity
• Eliezer Schweid- Judaism in Israeli Culture
• Shlomit Levy, Hanna Levinsohn, and Elihu Katz- The Many Faces of Jewishness in Israel
• Ephraim Tabory- The Israel Reform and Conservative Movements and the Market for Liberal Judaism
• Elan Ezrachi- The Quest for Sprituality among Secular Israelis
• Part V: Civil Commitment and Collective Memory
• Gabriel Ben-Dor and Ami Pedahzur- Civil -Military Relations in Israel at the Outset of the Twenty-First Century
• Ephraim Yuchtman-Yaar and Ze'ev Shavit- The Cleavage between Jewish and Arab Israeli Citizens
• Yoram Bilu- The Sanctification of Space in Israel: Civil Religion and Folk Judaism
• Dalia Ofer- History, Memory, and Identity: Perceptions of the Holocaust in Israel
• Part VI: Israel and Diaspora Jews
• Gabriel Sheffer- The Israelis and the Jewish Diaspora
• Steven Gold- The Emigration of Jewish Israelis
• Part VII: Conclusion
• Uzi Rebhun and Chaim I. Waxman- Challenges for the Twenty-First Century
• List of Contributions
• Index

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