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The Penobscot Dance of Resistance
Tradition in the History of a People
Pauleena MacDougall

University of New Hampshire Press


• Prologue
• Dancing into View: Post-World War II Political Activism
• Land, Power, and Reverence: Core Teachings That Sustain REsistance
• Facing the Future: The Seventeenth Century
• War Dance: Shifting Strategies in the Dance of Resistance
• Liberties and Lands: Disappointment in the Promise of the New Nation
• Dancing in Place: Retaining a Land Base
• Bible, Primer, Hoe, and Plow: Resistance Through REligion, Education, and Subsistence
• Spirit of a Nation: Retaining Political Sovereignty
• Paddling Song: Traditional Skills as a Tool of Resistance
• Birches and Baskets: Commodification of Culture and Economic Resistance
• Epilogue: The Role of Tradition in the Story of a People

Tue, 15 May 2018 15:21:33 -0500